Where should I relocate a trapped rodent?

Snakes tend to look for places where they can hide, so they prefer gardens with thick vegetation, debris, a pile of leaves etc. They would easily stay at those places where they can find food like rats. Some prefer to live under sheds, decks or porches. And all these conditions can be easily found in homes backyards so most of the snakes are found in those places. That’s why people try different ways of keeping them away from home.

It is also said that ropes repel snakes as snakes are not able to cross them because it is rough on their belly. Meaning, the fiber of the rope is too coarse on snake’s underbelly which results in poking the snake through scale joints. But the reality is that snakes live in wild so they have the ability to walk on any kind of terrain. Therefore, a rope is nothing in front of them as compared to the forests land and hurdles they cross. This method of repelling snakes has come from the cowboys and cattle herding times when they used to sleep at night on the trails. That time they used to try rope as a repellent but as it never worked then and so the same results are now.

But still, there are few important things that need to be considered about snakes. Yes, that’s true that ropes do not act as a repellent for them but if the rope is horse rope and if the snake is not attracted to any sort of important thing like delicious food; in short, if it is not having any certain purpose to cross the rope then he will probably not cross it. Then he will look for the alternative way and will change his path but if he will be finding rope as a barrier from food then he will not bother about it at all. Therefore, we can say that rope as repellent may depend on the situation; sometimes it will work and sometimes it will not. So, you can’t rely on this method to keep snakes away from your place.

It will be then better to look for alternatives to keep snakes away from your home. You don’t have to do much for this. Simply remove the excess vegetation from your garden or backyard, keep the grass trimmed, and remove any kind of debris, clear leaves from your garden regularly so that they will not get collected, if there are rats then remove them by using rat repellent medicines. In short, don’t offer them anything that is their favorite and they will not come near your place on their own.

Snakes do not harm human normally. They only bite in certain extreme conditions so the best thing would be keeping your place clean because snakes don’t like to be in such places and they can’t stay at one place for so long. But relying on the rope as snake repellent is not a good option.

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